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Thursday, August 18, 2011 - Potential Dangers of Selling Your Own Home

Get the facts about selling your own home

1. Safety -Do you really know who's in your home? A professional Realtor tracks who goes through your home and when. A lockbox is installed so that only agents who register through John's office have access to the entry code.

2. Setting Price Too LOW - Market conditions can change daily. Without the proper comparable sales that a Realtor has access to it is very difficult to determine a true market value.

3. Setting Price Too HIGH - Almost all sellers fall into the trap of thinking their home is worth more than anyone else's. Overpricing will limit potential buyers and may cause you to miss out on the critical first three weeks.

4. Getting the Facts - A professtional Realtor is going to give you facts and comparable sales to help you make an educated decision, not an emotional one.

5. Financing - How do you know whoever has purchased your house will be there on closing day with the money. A Real Estate Expert pre-qualifies the buyer or works closely with a mortgage broker to eliminate this risk.

6. Building Inspection - The buyer has had an inspection done on your property. The inspector has concerns and is scaring the buyer away. Consequently, the buyer wants a price reduction. You disagree, believing there is nothing wrong with your property. Who will smooth this over and save the sale?

7. Legal contract - You are dealing with your largest investment, usually hundreds of thousands of dollars. The legal aspects and laws are changing faster than ever. Realtors are required to take mandatory education and therefore keep abreast of legal changes. Why make a mistake that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars?

8. The 30 Minute Law - MOST CRITICAL - Most buyers, when leaving your house, if left on their own will talk themselves out of purchasing your home within 30 minutes. A professional Realtor could be with these buyers during this critical time and move them towards a sale and handle any objections professionally.

Homeowners gross approximately 9.5% MORE when selling through a professional Realtor than when selling privately.
When you decide to buy or sell a home, the services of a qualified real estate professional are of utmost importance. Judith Muratoff will save you time and money and get the results you demand.  

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